The Hunter in the Swiss Alps

Some good sensations in the middle of the mountains.

The Hawker Hunter had a very long career in Swiss Air Force from the late 1950s until their retirement in the mid-1990s. The Swiss Air Force operated about 160 aircrafts.

In our program we will take you for a flight amongst the Swiss Alps in the two-seater Hunter HB-RVR (formerly J-4201) based in Sion (Valais).

The two pilots, Eric Hauert and Yves Rossy (JETMAN), are both captains of large cargo planes. Highly experienced, each has a total of more than 17000 hours of flying time with more than 1500 hours on military response planes (Vampire, Venom, Hunter, Mirage).

They share the passenger flights and the meeting demonstrations under the surveillance of the Swiss federal office of civil aviation.